Coffee Trio Tuesday

It's Tuesday, which means we are featuring three coffees on the blog today! If you missed our first Coffee Trio Tuesday, click on the link to read what #CoffeeTrioTuesday is all about. On to this week's coffee...

Blend: Big Island Coffee Roasters - Road 1 Espresso If you've followed Andrew on Instagram, you would know that we have become big fans of Big Island - they are doing amazing work growing and roasting coffee on their farm in Puna (located on the east coast of Hawai'i near Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park). Look for a couple of BICR #CoffeeStorys to show up on blog soon! In the meantime, check out their delicious espresso blend, Road 1. It's rare to see an espresso blend have a Hawai'ian-grown component, let alone one that is comprised of 100% Hawai'ian coffee - but that's exactly Big Island's Road 1 composition. They take coffee grown on their farm in Puna and mix it with Maui Mokka and K'au coffee from the south side of the big island to arrive at an espresso that is sweet, rustic, and balanced. It starts of with sweet bing cherry, leading to toffee, butterscotch, and toasted molasses, and finishing with rich whiskey (think Four Roses' Single Barrel bourbon. It's that good). Great as an espresso, but in milk it's butterscotch and milk chocolate for days. We brew this at 199-200F, dosing 20g with a ~35g extraction in 22-25s. $21/12oz

Single Origin: Populace Coffee - Bolivia Tedosia Continuing with the theme of butterscotch and toffee, this week's single origin feature comes from Michigan's Populace Coffee, who's roasting up some fresh, bright, and sweet coffees. This fully washed coffee comes from the Siete Estrellas farm, and starts of with juicy sweet apricot, leading to rich toffee and butterscotch. We liked it as a v60, but it makes for a juicy espresso as well! (for best results as espresso, a 1:2 brew ratio brought out the apricot fruit flavors while balancing the acidity). $11/222g or $16.50/333g, both with free shipping

Wish List: Equator Coffees - Guatemala El Injerto Pandora Del Carmen Pacamara This auction lot coffee hails from El Injerto in Guatemala, one of the winningest farms in Guatemala (and current 2015 Guatemala Cup of Excellence winners). It's a Pacamara cultivar, which has become a personal favorite of ours (even more so then the Geisha/Gesha varietal!) We love Pacamaras for their depth of fruit flavors and complexity, and this washed process lot shouldn't disappoint - Equator says to look for flavors of plum, blackberry, tea rose, and vanilla bean. This coffee is definitely worth checking out - just don't buy it all, because we still need to order a bag! $27.95/4oz